Why are my prices excluding tax in Klevu Search on BigCommerce store?

The tax rates and zones are very complex in BigCommerce. This is a feature that we are currently working on to give you more control over how prices in your search results appear.

Currently, we only index one tax version of your price data, as specified in the BigCommerce admin panel. Therefore for prices in search to match the price on your frontend, the value for “Prices Entered with Tax” must match the value for “Show Prices on Product Pages”.


For Example:

Price entered for product Display price in frontend Klevu Search shows price
Inclusive of Tax Including Tax Inclusive of Tax (Correct)
Exclusive of Tax Excluding Tax Exclusive of Tax (Correct)
Inclusive of Tax Excluding Tax Inclusive of Tax (mismatch with frontend)
Exclusive of Tax Including Tax Exclusive of Tax  (mismatch with frontend)

If this is not suitable for your store, you have some other options available:

  • Add a tax caption such as (excl. tax) in Klevu Merchant Center → Customization → Price → Vat Caption bc-tax-caption-kmc
  • Hide prices in Klevu Search results using CSS