Using Personalisation API

We are glad to introduce our brand new Personalisation API that has been built on powerful features of Search API (v2) (see

A simple exercise where customers’ preferences and products relevant to their preferences are boosted in search results and/or individual category pages is called personalisation. This task of gathering preferences is usually carried out by monitoring customers’ activities such as the following:

  • them visiting a certain category of products,
  • clicking on a bunch of products with something common in them and/or
  • searching with very specific search terms

In this Klevu Personalisation API, we have explained how we utilize the data collected to personalise search results for individual customers. It also explains what API calls can be used for the following use-cases.

  • Personalisation based on customer’s recent search activity
  • Personalisation based on the collaborative filtering method
  • Personalisation based on manual inputs
  • Impact of enabling personalisation on search relevance and manual promotions