Catalog sync status

You can check the catalog sync status for all stores in Klevu Merchant Center. Follow the steps below to check the catalog sync status.

  1.  Login into Klevu Merchant Center ( with the registered
    email id and password.
  2.  Go to Catalog Sync → Sync Status
    Catalog Sync Status

You can view following details under Catalog Sync.

  • Last Sync: Displays last sync date with the timestamp of data.
  • Data received for Sync: Whenever you submit new data to sync, it will show the date of data received with the timestamp. It will also display the number of records left to index.
  • Sync status:
    • Indexed Sync Status (Synced) : This indicates that the last submitted data is indexed on Klevu server. Your last sync date and time will be updated within few seconds.
    • Catalog Sync Status (In Progress) : This represents the processing of data after it is submitted for sync.
    • Not Started Sync Status (Sync not started) : If your plan doesn’t support instant indexing then it will be represented using this symbol along with time remaining to start indexing.

    Note: If under Sync status, you see the following text Not received any data for sync, it indicates that your data has not been submitted for sync.
    Please contact , for any help.

Note: To know the latest sync status of catalog, click on refresh button.