Integration Steps for All Other Platforms

  1. Prepare a feed
    In order to integrate Klevu on your webstore, we need access to your live product feed containing details of all the products visible on your website. We use this feed to index your data and keep our indices in sync with the products listed on your website.We recommend that you prepare your feed in the format explained at the following link:
  2. Sign-up for a Klevu account
    Please go to and fill up a short form to register an account with Klevu Search.
  3. Integrating Klevu Search’s Javascript in your website
    Once you have created an account and sent us a feed URL, we will index your data and provide a short javascript to be integrated on your website. Alternatively, you can review our guides for building your own custom frontend using our powerful JavaScript Library.
  4. Search should be live on your store
    Once you have integrated the javascript on your website, the instant search UI will be visible on your website.
  5. Integrate search results landing page
  6. IMPORTANT: Please follow the checklist.