Integration Steps for BigCommerce


  1. Please go to and fill up a short form to sign up with Klevu
  2. Prepare the product feed and send it to
    • In order to integrate Klevu on your website, we need access to your live product feed containing details of all the products visible on your website. We use this feed to index your data and keep our indices in sync with the products listed on your website. We recommend that you prepare your feed in the format explained at the following link:
  3. Once the feed is validated and indexed by support team, they will send you the script to integrate on your store. Please follow the Integration steps below once you receive the script from Klevu team

Integration Steps:

  1. Go to BigCommerce Admin Panel  Storefront → Script Manager bc-create-script
  2. Click on Create a Script button and select the following values
    – Name of script: KlevuScript
    – Location on page: Footer
    – Select pages where the script will be added: All Pages
    – Script type: Script
    – Script contents: {Copy and Paste the script which is shared by Klevu Support} bc-script-values
  3. Click on Save button
  4. Go to Storefront → My Theme → Current theme & Make a Copy of the current theme bc-current-theme-copy
  5. Click on the Copied theme and go to Theme Options → Edit Theme Files bc-copied-theme-edit
  6. Go to Templates → Pages & open search.html file bc-open-search-file
  7. Remove all the code from search.html file
  8. Download Zip file to integrate the Klevu search results page
  9. Extract file and open Bigcommerce-Search.html file in your notepad
  10. Copy all the code from Bigcommerce-Search.html and paste it to Templates → Pages search.html file bc-copy-script
  11. Click on Save File button
  12. Go to components → quick-results.html file
  13. Remove all the code from quick-results.html file and click on Save File button
  14. Go back to My Themes, and apply the copied theme by clicking on Apply button bc-apply-theme
  15. You are done. Klevu search should be live on your store