Instructions to include the klevu-user-customization.js on Shopify store

1. Download the file shared by the support team and extract it. You will find the file klevu-user-customization.js in the extracted folder.

2. Go to the Shopify admin > Online Store > Themes. “Edit Code” of the current live theme (You may want to try this to a copy of the theme before you make it live in order to preview).

edit code

3. Once you enter into the “Edit Code” section, Go to Assets in the side navigation bar and click on ‘Add a new asset’. You will see the “Add a new asset’ pop up.

4. On the “upload file” tab, please choose file klevu-user-customization.js provided by the support team. Click on the “Upload asset” button. Please refer below screenshot for reference:

edit debut asset

5. The next step is to import the uploaded file on all pages of your website by editing the theme.liquid. On the Edit Code page, search for the “theme.liquid” file on the file search box.

6. Click on the theme.liquid file. You will see the file will be opened in the editor. Please find the below screenshot for reference.

Edit code theme.liquid

7. Please add the below snippet of the code before the body tag:

{{ ‘klevu-user-customization.js’ | asset_url | script_tag }}

snippet Edit Debut Shopify

Please note, this snippet is used to include the klevu-user-customization.js file on your site.

8. Click on the Save button.