Displaying CMS / Other (Non-Product) Content in Search Results

Klevu can show non-product data in the search results. This could be anything from how-to guides to customer service pages, articles and even a blog.

How to integrate non-product content in search?

  1. Share the public feed URL (of CMS/non-product content) at support@klevu.com
    • If you don’t have the feed, create the feed in the following structure:
      <?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”UTF-8” ?>
      <!-- one record per page -->
      <id>a unique ID of your page</id>
      <name>title of the page</name>
      <desc>full page content here</desc>
      <metaDesc>a short description of the page</metaDesc>
      <metaKeywords>specific keywords</metaKeywords>
      <category>category of the page (article, blog, etc)</category>
      <url>url of the page</url>
  2. Once the feed URL is shared with us, we will validate the feed. You will also receive the confirmation email
  3. Klevu will index the feed as CMS/non-product pages
  4. Once the indexing is done, CMS/non-product pages will be searchable in Klevu search results

Klevu’s feed monitor will monitor the feed at regular interval and will index it as CMS pages in the same account where the products are indexed.