Exclude Products from Klevu Search Results

Follow the steps below to exclude the product from Klevu search results.

  1. Login into Shopify Admin
  2. Go to Products
  3. Click on name of the product which you want to exclude from Klevu Search Results
  4. In Tags, add “remove-klevu” remove-data-tag
  5. If you want to remove specific variant then add “remove-variant-klevu-[sku of variant]” tag in tags of main product
  6. Click on Save
  7. Go to  Apps → Klevu Search
  8. Go to Catalog Sync → On-demand Sync shopify-on-demand-sync
  9. Click on Sync Now

Important Note: The frequency at which the catalog is synced on Klevu Servers is based upon the Klevu Search plan you have chosen.