Customizing No result found

This feature is available as part of Growth, Premium, Premium+ or Enterprise plan.

By default, Klevu shows “Please try another search term” when there is no result found for the searched term. Here, you can customize the message along with popular products and keywords to show when no results are found.

Follow the steps below to customize the “no result found”.

  1. For Magento and other platforms:
    Login into Klevu Merchant Center ( with the registered email id and password
    For Shopify:
    Login into Shopify Admin → Apps → Klevu Search
  2. Choose the appropriate store from the drop down at the top
  3. Go to Customizations → No Result Found no-results-found
  4. Here, you can see the option to change the “No result found” message and to show the popular products and keywords when “No results found”
    • Messages: Here, you can use {searchTerm} tag anywhere in the message and it will be automatically replaced with the searched term for which Klevu couldn’t find the results. Example: We’re sorry, no results found for {searchTerm}
    • Show popular products: To show the popular products when “No results found”, check “Show popular products” box. Klevu will display popular products considering recent search terms of the user when there is no product to be displayed for the searched term. If the user has not searched anything earlier then it will display the most popular products of the store
    • Show popular keywords: To show the popular keywords when “No results found”, check “Show popular keywords” box
  5. Click on Save button

Important notes:

  • Changes on this screen will be applied to quick search and Klevu based search results page .
  • If you have already modified the look and feel of the search UI, you may also need to change the CSS of “no results found” to match it with the modified look and feel of search UI.