Analytics of Smart Category Navigation

The category navigation analytics feature is only available to the Shopify customers. Magento customers need to upgrade their category navigation plugin to enable this feature. Please get in touch to get more information.

Category Navigation Analytics produces detailed insights of the Klevu powered category pages. It shows the category wise total page views, sales generated from each category page, product views, product clicks, and conversion rates. One of its use cases is to learn what promotion rules to create for the category pages.


In Analytics, you can do the following activities:
  • Check the average click-through rate of the products across all the category pages.
  • Check the total views and sales generated from each category page.
  • Check the individual and category wise product performance by analyzing product views, product clicks, CTR and conversions.
  • Based on the analysis, you can boost the products using rule-based category merchandising.
The following metrics are shown in the Analytics of Category Navigation:
Metric What does it show for the Selected Date Range?
Category Views It shows the total number of views observed for each category. It includes events such as when a page was refreshed, a facet was selected, a sorting option was selected and/or the next page was visited.
Sales Generated It shows the total amount of sales generated from the respective category page. Please note the shipping charges are not counted in the total sales figure.
Product Views It shows the number of times the respective product was viewed on each category page.
Product Clicks It shows the number of times the product was clicked on each category page.
CTR (Click Through Rate) It shows the percentage of product views resulting into product clicks.
Conversions It shows the number of transactions involving the respective product from the respective category. A transaction may have more than one quantity for the product.
CR (Conversion Rate) It shows the percentage of product clicks converting into a purchase from the respective category.