Integration Steps for Magento


There are three prerequisites:

Ensure cron is running (Click here for more information on setting up a cron)

Most possible cause of data not coming through is that your Magento indices are not uptodate. To make your Magento indices uptodate, follow the steps below

  • Login into Magento admin panel
  • System → Index Management
  • Select all the indices and click on the Submit button
  • To ensure indices are always uptodate
    • Select Change Index Mode in Actions
    • Select Update on Save in Index mode
    • Click on the Submit button
The products that you want Klevu to index should have the visibility set to ‘Catalog and Search’

Integration Video:


  1. Click here to visit the Magento extension page of Klevu Search
  2. Click on Install Now → Check I agree to the extension license agreement → Click on Get Extension Key → Click on Select key and copy the key 
  3. Go to Magento Admin Panel → System → Magento Connect → Magento Connect Manager
  4. Paste the extension key into Paste extension key to install box → click on Install → click on Proceed. Klevu Search extension will be installed  
  5. You need to clear the cache before starting to configure Klevu Search. Go back to Magento Admin Panel → System → Cache Management → Select All → Submit 
  6. Logout from Magento Admin Panel and login again
  7. Go to System → Configuration → Search Configuration
  8. Click on Start Configuration Wizard 
  9. Register a new user OR if you already have a Klevu account, login into your Klevu account.
    Please note that, you can change the Primary email id in future.  
  10. Select a plan and start 14-Day risk free trial 9-select-plan
  11. Configure a store10-configure-stores
    • You need to configure Klevu Search separately on each storeview. Choose a storeview from the dropdown to configure the Klevu Search on it.
    • Would you like to show product prices including additional tax in search results?:
      • If you want Klevu to add additional tax to the product prices set in your Magento backend, select Yes.
      • If the product prices set in your Magento backend are already inclusive of tax, you should select No.
    • Which base URL would you like to use for products in search results?:
      • Unsecure: This will ask the Klevu Search plugin to use the Base URL from System → Configuration → Web → Unsecure
      • Secure: This will ask the Klevu Search plugin to use the Base URL from System → Configuration → Web → Secure
  12. Click on the Finish and Sync button to synchronise your products to Klevu11-finish-and-sync

Important note about the security patch SUPEE-6788

Only if you are using version < 1.2.0

If you have applied the security patch SUPEE-6788, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login into your Magento Admin Panel
  2. Go to System → Permissions → Blocks
  3. Add an entry for klevu_search/catalog_product_popularterms